SEO Training and Audits San DiegoAt Optimize4YouSEO, we are more than just a Southern California SEO company, we offer SEO, PPC training and we are a  full service search engine marketing and web development company.  We work with partners in the industry to find the best designer and programmers suited to your project.

We are your key to a sustainable web marketing strategy for small and large projects. If you are looking for the most efficient and affordable way to grow your business online, you don’t need to look any further than us! Optimize4YouSEO is comprised of a group of experienced SEO practitioners that have been working in this burgeoning industry for years.

Our SEO business started in San Diego and now we work with clients all over the world. We have a deep understanding of how search engines operate – what they love and what they hate. Our philosophy is to offer a balanced approach to boost your search engine ranking, enhancing your site on multiple levels, working to attract high-quality clicks and helping you to closely monitor your progress.

Founded by Marilyn Taylor, MBA to give clients what they need to create quality traffic to their site and the training they need along the way to ensure sustainability for their business.  You can read more about Marilyn on LinkedIn.  Feel free to call Marilyn directly at 760-443-1609 even if you just have a question or maybe you are not sure what to ask about SEO, in either case you will find out what you need to know to make the decisions to build more business from your website.

With Optimize4YouSEO you get it all:

  1. Website Development for a clean and engaging site
  2. Professional Business Model Consultations to create a sustainable business strategy
  3. Clean Website Coding so that your site is fast and easy to modify
  4. CMS-WordPress to build an easy and beautiful website
  5. CMS-Magento to enhance the customer online shopping experience
  6. CMS-Custom to create specific and targeted goals for your site
  7. SEO to enhance your search engine rankings and build quality traffic to your site
  8. PPC strategies to lower cost and increase awareness
  9. Social Media to interact with your customers and network
  10. Link Building for improved search engine rankings
  11. Training so you can become an effective SEO user (Ask about our 30 Minute Free Training)

No hype…we offer real facts and real skills to teach you how to optimize your website. SEO is your answer for a sustainable marketing strategy. We are passionate about SEO and look forward to proving it to