Optimizing Your Google Shopping Campaign – Part 3

Campaign Structure

Campaign structure plays a key role in the effectiveness of your Google Shopping campaign performance. There are 2 fairly common campaign structures that most advertisers experiment with.

A Single “All Products” Campaign

This is a simple structure with only one ad group and one product group targeting all your products.

Use this if you want to advertise most of your products and are just starting out with Google Shopping. This can help you understand how shopping works and what works for you.

Once you are familiar with this type of campaign you can experiment with other campaign structures.

One Campaign Many Adgroups

This campaign is based on your website structure and the ad groups are created based on the different product categories you would like to focus on.

Within each ad group, you can further subdivide product groups.

You can adjust your bids at a Category, Brand, Item ID, condition,  product type, channel exclusivity or custom label level.

Other Campaign Structures

Multiple campaigns – This works similar to one campaign, many ad groups. However, here you can filter out the category of products that you wish to advertise at the campaign settings level. This campaign structure also allows you to split your budget, so that you can have a higher budget for campaigns that target your bestsellers or most valued products.