Optimizing Your Google Shopping Campaign – Part 4

Optimize your Bidding

Raise Budget – Do this when your campaigns are profitable and are running out of your budget.

Raise Max. CPCs – Do this when you are not exhausting your daily budget and are losing out on impression share. You can start by trying this for your profitable products.

Bidding Strategies

Opt for manual bidding strategies when you want more control over your CPCs. Automated strategies let Google do the bidding for you.

The manual CPC option gives you the most control on your bids and you can use this when you are just starting out to try different bids to see what works best for you.

Maximize clicks is an automated strategy in which clicks might be geared more towards keywords that are cheaper in CPCs. They may or may not be your most profitable products.

Enhanced CPC is another automated strategy and is an extension of your manual CPC strategy, Here Google will raise your max CPC. bid if it thinks a click will get you a conversion.

With the Target Return on ad spend or ROAS bid strategy, you’ll set a conversion value that you would like to achieve for every pound you spend on your campaign.


As you can see, there are a lot of parameters that go hand in and hand and need careful monitoring and optimization for your Google Shopping campaigns to perform effectively and be profitable for your business. Try out different strategies based on your campaign goal till you find the one that works best for you. However, continue to optimize bids and monitor campaigns and change strategies as the need arises. The key is to not be complacent and look out for ways to optimize your campaigns for improved performance.